Jan. 21st, 2008

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Okaeri 22: finished the first draft a couple of hours ago. It requires more polishing before I send it to SoutasSister for beta, but at least it has flesh on the bones. I had only about a third of it done before the holidays sent me off in a dozen different directions. So maybe if all goes well I can have it up by this weekend. Yay!

Other stuff: I haven't even started on the giant pile o' books I got for Xmas. I did read Barack Obama's memoir about a week and a half ago...it's only been in my house for a couple of years, now, since my mom lent it to me. Good book. I get a real idea of the guy from it. I guess next I should read that Pratchett book I borrowed. Haven't done any gaming lately, though now I'm thinking it would be nice to try a different character class than what I usually run:

Your Score: Ranger Lord

You scored 2 Combat, 6 Social, 5 Strategy and 5 Magic!

Indirect combat, Leader, Subtle, No Magic.

You're the Ranger Lord. A master of long distance warfare, traps, and camouflage, you're quite like the Archer, but with one major difference: you can lead. Probably in the command of a squadron of Rangers and Archers, you're a tactician that can get it done with bows and people and without any magic.

Link: The Actually Good D&D Class Test written by PuebloZ on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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Could be fun! I usually play rogues or clerics, or sometimes paladins.

Off to start on the giant mounds of laundry. I can work on that and tweak the chapter.

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