Jun. 8th, 2008

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I'm actually kind of bummed about the rumor that Inuyasha is going to end in just two chapters. That's not near enough time to wrap everything up, WTH Takahashi? Dozens of story arcs about Tessaiga that took hundreds of chapters to get through, and TWO CHAPTERS to wrap up the whole series??? *is grumpy*

Well, obviously if it's true I won't be finishing up my derivative work before the canon story is over. Though I did make progress today! About 2,000-2,500 words that I'm pretty happy with on the next chapter--I rewrote a good portion of what I had before and added quite a lot. I'm contemplating whether I should make one really long chapter (since I've been such a sluggard on this) or simultaneously release two chapters of the length I'm comfortable with. This would necessitate holding on to the first chap until I'm done with the second. Usually when I'm done with one I want to shove it out the nest right away and be done with it, so maybe doing it that way would force me into more diligence with the second. Certainly, winning a Fanguild award (Best A/A yay!!!!) has lit a fire under my butt, since obviously people are still interested in reading it! Sorry sorry sorry. I just couldn't get into writing for a while. At this stage in the story it's pretty dark (not darkfic dark, just dark for me), and I don't know, I can write that if I'm in a good mood, but am completely turned off by it when I'm already down. I must be doing better. :) Earlier this year I was unhappy about other stuff going on in my life, and then getting doped up after finally having foot surgery did nothing, nothing I tell you, for my creative process. Kids, don't take Vicodin unless you have to, it's really boring. I spent a week at home sleeping, alternated with watching election coverage. That should tell you something.

By the way, while the foot still hurts a bit, I think it's going to be much better. I'm still limping but it beats having that freaking heel spur. I just wish I could have taken more than a week to stay out of work. I struggled with crutches for a couple of weeks and limped around when my hands and arms hurt worse than the foot, but my job still involves way too much standing and walking for comfort. The doc said I should be recovered in about 4 weeks if I stay off the foot, 6-7 weeks if I'm on it. Surgery will be 5 weeks ago on Tuesday...not completely recovered yet. :(

There are no SCA events between now and Pennsic, which means the weekends will be good for writing and won't be hijacked for trips to the 16th century. I mean it's fun and all, but my husband has completely immersed himself in it and will, like, DIE if he misses a tournament. All his hard work has really paid off, though--he came in FOURTH in a Kingdom rapier tournament the other week. This was in a field of 30-35 competitors from all over the state, some of whom are very experienced, and he's only been playing with swords for less than a year. O_O We're going to have an awesome time in August at Pennsic!

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