Jul. 4th, 2008

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This video turned me into a pile of goo:

I got shown this at work yesterday, and started tearing up just as our director walked by. Oops! Hopefully we minimized the window and faked got working quick enough that she didn't notice. I watched it again when I got home, that's when I melted. D'AWWWW!!

This morning I finished the archery bag I started a couple of months ago...I still need a drawstring, but it's done. Hubby is out working on the car; we're driving to Pennsic this time, which will be a day & a half drive hauling a trailer with our little Honda, so he's overhauling a couple of things. The car will be in top shape for the drive.

It doesn't look like we're going out to the park to watch fireworks tonight, but then rain looks very likely anyway. What I'm hoping is that he finishes with the car early enough that we can work on 1) the boots he's making for himself and 2) the shift and peplos I'm making for myself. All of those are two-people jobs for the measuring parts, especially since we've never done these before. I'll probably be burned out on sewing pretty quick and be ready to work on writing the rest of the weekend.

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