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It's 2010, where's the flying car I was promised? ^_^ Hey, how has everybody been? I've been doing a lot of offline stuff (besides work, mostly SCA, and I have an active social life again) so I apologize for my absence, but I'll be checking in from time to time.

I've gotten more involved in sewing SCA garb, for myself mainly, but I completed a project for someone else as a Christmas present, and I'm quite proud of myself. I made an Irish ionar for a friend; it's a kind of a jacket with hanging sleeves, and I made it out of wool, lined with linen, and the recipient was very pleased! Next I'm going to work on a fencing jacket for myself. I have one that I don't like currently and I'd like to have the new one completed by Gulf Wars in March. I've also been going to fencing practice with my husband, and while I kind of suck at it, I already participated in the field battle at Pennsic War, so an extra body at least is usually helpful. I haven't been going to practice lately though since the husband blew out his knee again about a month ago, at fencing practice. Same knee and about the same move that blew it out last January! He says he's going to retire that move. We'll see, but I hope so!
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