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This video turned me into a pile of goo:

I got shown this at work yesterday, and started tearing up just as our director walked by. Oops! Hopefully we minimized the window and faked got working quick enough that she didn't notice. I watched it again when I got home, that's when I melted. D'AWWWW!!

This morning I finished the archery bag I started a couple of months ago...I still need a drawstring, but it's done. Hubby is out working on the car; we're driving to Pennsic this time, which will be a day & a half drive hauling a trailer with our little Honda, so he's overhauling a couple of things. The car will be in top shape for the drive.

It doesn't look like we're going out to the park to watch fireworks tonight, but then rain looks very likely anyway. What I'm hoping is that he finishes with the car early enough that we can work on 1) the boots he's making for himself and 2) the shift and peplos I'm making for myself. All of those are two-people jobs for the measuring parts, especially since we've never done these before. I'll probably be burned out on sewing pretty quick and be ready to work on writing the rest of the weekend.
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I'm actually kind of bummed about the rumor that Inuyasha is going to end in just two chapters. That's not near enough time to wrap everything up, WTH Takahashi? Dozens of story arcs about Tessaiga that took hundreds of chapters to get through, and TWO CHAPTERS to wrap up the whole series??? *is grumpy*

Well, obviously if it's true I won't be finishing up my derivative work before the canon story is over. Though I did make progress today! About 2,000-2,500 words that I'm pretty happy with on the next chapter--I rewrote a good portion of what I had before and added quite a lot. I'm contemplating whether I should make one really long chapter (since I've been such a sluggard on this) or simultaneously release two chapters of the length I'm comfortable with. This would necessitate holding on to the first chap until I'm done with the second. Usually when I'm done with one I want to shove it out the nest right away and be done with it, so maybe doing it that way would force me into more diligence with the second. Certainly, winning a Fanguild award (Best A/A yay!!!!) has lit a fire under my butt, since obviously people are still interested in reading it! Sorry sorry sorry. I just couldn't get into writing for a while. At this stage in the story it's pretty dark (not darkfic dark, just dark for me), and I don't know, I can write that if I'm in a good mood, but am completely turned off by it when I'm already down. I must be doing better. :) Earlier this year I was unhappy about other stuff going on in my life, and then getting doped up after finally having foot surgery did nothing, nothing I tell you, for my creative process. Kids, don't take Vicodin unless you have to, it's really boring. I spent a week at home sleeping, alternated with watching election coverage. That should tell you something.

By the way, while the foot still hurts a bit, I think it's going to be much better. I'm still limping but it beats having that freaking heel spur. I just wish I could have taken more than a week to stay out of work. I struggled with crutches for a couple of weeks and limped around when my hands and arms hurt worse than the foot, but my job still involves way too much standing and walking for comfort. The doc said I should be recovered in about 4 weeks if I stay off the foot, 6-7 weeks if I'm on it. Surgery will be 5 weeks ago on Tuesday...not completely recovered yet. :(

There are no SCA events between now and Pennsic, which means the weekends will be good for writing and won't be hijacked for trips to the 16th century. I mean it's fun and all, but my husband has completely immersed himself in it and will, like, DIE if he misses a tournament. All his hard work has really paid off, though--he came in FOURTH in a Kingdom rapier tournament the other week. This was in a field of 30-35 competitors from all over the state, some of whom are very experienced, and he's only been playing with swords for less than a year. O_O We're going to have an awesome time in August at Pennsic!

Not bad

Apr. 13th, 2008 09:52 am
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I got about a thousand words written yesterday. The RL issue I've been dealing with is sort of semi-resolved at this point, so I can think of other things, like the next chapter of Okaeri. I'm going to work on it some more today, hopefully, in between doing the two tons of laundry and other assorted housework. The words aren't flowing very easily...I know where it needs to go, but the getting there is the thing. So what I did was about a thousand words of very rough draft. At least it's there, so I have something to go back and edit.

Saw two movies recently, Leatherheads this past Friday and The Other Boleyn Girl last week. That's the most movies I've seen in the last few months! They were both pretty good but rather lightweight, the Leatherheads movie particularly. George Clooney is cute as always, and the subject is of interest to me--not so much football as period pieces set in the 1920's and 1930's. I have no idea if the depiction was accurate, but if it was, pro football has certainly come a long way.

The Boleyn movie had more heft to it, if only because the subject matter involved people getting their heads cut off, but still dealt heavily in sex and relationships as opposed to politics and outer-world ramifications...I enjoyed all the court intrigue. (One can tell if something is a chick flick when all the previews are for movies you could never drag a guy to. You would have to pay me to go see "Mamma Mia"--wtf is that.) I enticed  my hubby into going to this on the premise that we could check out how historically accurate the costuming was. (Pretty accurate, actually.) The movie gets a thumbs up from both of us. The story of Mary Boleyn was so interesting, in fact, that when we got home I did a lot of Wikipedia hopping to find out some background material. Alas, it seems that while the costumes were accurate, the script took some liberties. That's entertainment, I suppose.

ETA: Just heard of Young@Heart. Nothing like hearing a bunch of 70-80 year olds singing Ramones & David Bowie--cute!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [profile] _midoriko_sama_!!!!!!!!

Hope you're having a great time!
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I'm off to an SCA event in Mississippi ("Gulf Wars") and will be gone for a week. Hopefully I will have some nice pictures to post when I come back. I look forward to shopping for medieval wares!

Have a nice week y'all. :)
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I was very bummed to learn that the co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons passed away today. I have many happy memories of playing first edition, and the prose of the descriptions in the original Monster Manual are forever burned into my consciousness. Maybe I can get my local gaming buddies together for a memorial run through Keep on the Borderlands.

Thanks for everything, Gary. You will be missed.
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Went to the doctor a bit ago, since I'm still coughing and wheezing. The doc gave me a Z-pak for the incipient ear infection and a note to give my boss. Whee.

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I actually felt like reading today; I've been sick four days now, and I've been doing a lot of sleeping. I went in to work yesterday for three hours, long enough to take care of timesheets, monthly reports, and to deal with a vendor we had a appointment with, and then I went home and collapsed. It's been mostly a terrible sore throat and fatigue, but I started getting sniffly last night and took a Nyquil equivalent. Maybe that's why I was having nightmares this morning. Cold meds do weird things to my sleeping patterns.

So, didn't much feel like sleeping today, which might be a good sign, but I still didn't feel like doing anything but lie in bed. I ended up reading All She Was Worth by Miyuke Miyabe, her first novel--she's very big in Japan, and her works are getting translated into English. If this was her first novel, I can imagine why she's popular.

It was very good. It can be classified as a mystery or police procedural, perhaps; I don't read too many mysteries, but I liked this. I thought the ending seemed a bit off--either it stretched out too much, or it cut off too soon, I'm not sure which--but that may be due to my own cultural expectations. It's set mainly in Tokyo, but the investigator has to travel to several locations, including Osaka and Ise. I'm getting the impression that one can crisscross Japan in very little time at all, due to the ubiquity of bullet trains. Some passages, particularly the long explanation of the origins and pitfalls of the credit/finance system in Japan, felt like a big info-dump. (It also felt remarkably prescient, given the credit meltdown we are experiencing here in the US is quite similar to some of what she was describing of Japan in the early 90's.) Hopefully Miyabe has improved her methods in subsequent novels.

I have another novel of hers on my pile, Crossfire, which from the blurbs seems to be a mystery crossed with Firestarter. O_o Sounds great! I may read that one next, since my weekend plans are blown to hell. We were supposed to be going over to my mother-in-law's house tomorrow to watch the game. (Go Giants!!) Since she's recently out of the hospital, I'm not going anywhere near her with a nasty cold, even if I felt mobile enough to do so.

There's no fighting practice tomorrow, so god knows what hubby's going to do with himself until the game. Right now he's putting down a new seal for the toilet, as it's been leaking. He deserves a medal. :)
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Now that was a good monster movie! Lots of mayhem, death and destruction, scary but not too scary. You guys who like horror movies will snort at its tameness, but I enjoyed it. My husband was laughing at me when I covered my eyes in the subway scene. :P

There were some good trailers too. Jumper, exploring a similar theme to Heroes, looks like--people with powers and how they deal with them. Samuel L Jackson is in that one. There was a trailer for Iron Man (looks awesome) and for Hellboy II (ditto). Also a teaser for the new Star Trek movie, also by JJ Abrams. Looks like it's going to be a good year in fannish cinema. :)

So glad I finally got out of the house and saw a movie! I give Cloverfield two thumbs up for good, dumb entertainment.
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Posted to MMorg and FFnet. We're definitely in Act III from now on.

I'm going to spend some time on Chapter 23 this weekend, probably later tonight. We're going out to dinner with some friends in a little bit, and perhaps some sort of entertainment after...apparently they don't want to go to the movies. I haven't seen anything in a couple of months, and was dying to see Sweeney Todd or Cloverfield, guess it's not to be. I had been considering going to vote early at the courthouse, but it's too late now, I'll have to just go vote on Tuesday. Another Saturday shot. :/ It's ugly and raining outside, so whatever we do will have to be some sort of indoor diversion. Not here. Among the things I didn't do today was any housecleaning!
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Okaeri 22: finished the first draft a couple of hours ago. It requires more polishing before I send it to SoutasSister for beta, but at least it has flesh on the bones. I had only about a third of it done before the holidays sent me off in a dozen different directions. So maybe if all goes well I can have it up by this weekend. Yay!

Other stuff: I haven't even started on the giant pile o' books I got for Xmas. I did read Barack Obama's memoir about a week and a half's only been in my house for a couple of years, now, since my mom lent it to me. Good book. I get a real idea of the guy from it. I guess next I should read that Pratchett book I borrowed. Haven't done any gaming lately, though now I'm thinking it would be nice to try a different character class than what I usually run:

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Could be fun! I usually play rogues or clerics, or sometimes paladins.

Off to start on the giant mounds of laundry. I can work on that and tweak the chapter.
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Man, I feel like crap. The hubby's been sick for about a week and a half now; I was so pleased that I didn't get it, not even have a sniffle, which I attributed to getting a flu shot. (Hubby had not gotten one.) Now I still don't have sniffles, but since yesterday I've had a sore throat, a headache, and I'm tired and dizzy. I'm hoping it'll pass because we're short staffed at work this week, there's nobody to stand in for me if I call in tomorrow. I hate calling in sick on Mondays anyway.

Sorry I've been fairly incommunicado. I've been keeping busy lately, and consciously have been staying away from the computer so I can get more done; I want to be more productive this year. I'm tired of half-finished projects! The house is littered with them, and the yard needs serious work. I want to get our vegetable garden going again this year, and now's not too early to think about what we need. Plus I got a stack of books for Christmas and I'd like to work my way through them.

A partial list:
The Time Traveler's Wife
All She Was Worth
and Crossfire by Miyuki Miyabe
The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

They'll go on my giant stack of "to be read" books, but I'd like to jump on the Miyabe books in particular. She seems to be the hot new Japanese author to watch. I've also had Terry Pratchett's Discworld books to get into; one of my student assistants at work has been lending them to me, starting with what she considers the most accessible.  I read  Small Gods on Christmas Day, and I liked it quite a bit. It seems to be more of a 'stand-alone' which I assume is why she gave me that one first. She's given me Mort to read next. My mother-in-law has also lent me The Pillars of the Earth, which looks interesting.

I didn't read any of the new stuff today or yesterday. I lay in bed dozing and feeling crappy this weekend, and re-read some Miles Vorkosigan books for comfort. I had really wanted to work on Okaeri, but felt too fuzzy-headed to do more than look over what I had. The rest of the chapter was playing out in my mind's eye while I was half-dozing, but the mental effort it would take to shape the words to describe it was too much. I just looked at it again now, and I give up for the evening. If I do stay home tomorrow, maybe I can work on the laptop in bed. I really, really, really want to get this story finished. It's time that can go into other projects once I'm done. ^_^
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I think that's fairly impressive, actually. Considering that the other persons of the year were important political figures and the like. Did the Harry Potter series really have as much impact on the world as, say, "Uncle Tom's Cabin" (brought up in the article) had in its day?

Nice interview at, but more importantly, she answers ten questions about Harry. Draco's wife finally has a name, but it's no one I recognize.

Things have been crazy busy here. I have to bake cookies and wrap presents tonight, and I'm already tired. Oh, and there might be a vicious murderer running around the area. Just the news I wanted to hear. (The local newspaper message board is full of hysterical rumors that it's a serial killer.) I think I'm going to fix me a nice egg nog with lots of rum to force myself into the holiday spirit. :P
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The good! )

The bad. )

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I got to shoot arrows at my husband today. He begged me to. *evil grin*

This is the time of year I start feeling like baking...most of the time I avoid baked goods, but during the season I'm tossing that out the window. I came across the following recipe, which I got from here:

Guinness Stout Brownies Recipe


recipe )


I just finished making them. They are YUM. Taking some over to a friend's house where we're going to watch a movie.
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I'm not evil enough. :(
Guess I need remedial classes.

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FWIW, I can't stand Bill O'Reilly, so at least that part's right.
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 Have a great one!! Drink more sangria & champagne!!

More memes

Oct. 24th, 2007 06:34 pm
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Hmm, I'm not a socialist. Maybe I'm not cut out for a move to Europe after all.

Politics test. )

geekiness test. )

I'm a little disappointed in that one. Can't someone come up with a more comprehensive index of geekdom? I want something that will cover everything on the Geek Heirarchy Chart.

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Either I spent too much of my youth working in record stores, or I'm just old. I only hesitated over a couple of the answers.

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Maybe there's an intermediate test somewhere.

Today was spent peacefully at home. I had been hoping for some sun, so I could go lie out in the backyard and get some color on places other than my face and arms before it gets cold, but it was not to be. It was miserably overcast all day, so I read, took a nap, played on the computer, and worked on the outline for the rest of Okaeri. Not bad.
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SS gave it her stamp of approval, so up it went. ^_^  Hope you all like it.

I have to work tomorrow, which annoys me. Good thing is that I get to take off Monday. Maybe I'll read one of those books on my list that I keep intending to start. Or maybe I'll work on chapter 22. Or maybe I'll go through some of the fics on [profile] jrmaxwell's mega project page so I can remember which ones I've read. Can't wait for the weekend to start!
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