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I was just out watching my neighbors across the street get a tree chopped into manageable pieces; it was a big tall pine that fell, looks like onto another tree in their back yard. Thankfully it did not fall on their house! The tree crew was moving pretty fast--there must be trees down all over the area, and they were looking pretty cheerful. They must be getting overtime for all this tree-felling.

We're under a tornado and flash-flood watch right now. Fay hasn't been bad; we lost power briefly last night, and we've had power surges and flickers, but mostly have had no interruption in service. It's been raining steadily since last night. The only thing I'm really worried about is how saturated the soil is, and the likelihood of one of our own tall trees coming down on the house. We've got a lot of tall trees. :/ They're nice to look at but are pretty big compared to the house.

Hubby and I both had to work all day yesterday, so of course the weather started getting bad right around 4. Of course. This has been kind of a week from hell--one of the kitties had an unfortunate problem which had turned out to be expensive (from the surgery) as well as messy and upsetting to all.

It's been busy as hell at work, too, which wasn't helpful. I was a gibbering wreck by the time they let us go yesterday. It's actually been kind of restful to be in the house and listen to the rain come steadily down. As long as it doesn't get IN the house, I'm doing great. :) However, I forgot one vital thing when we stopped at the supermarket yesterday, an essential hurricane supply: I forgot to stock up on booze. :( We're out of cider, but we might have some beer left. I am off to investigate.

ETA: The cat managed to tag me good when we were giving him his meds. He dug a claw into my arm, right above my wrist, and scored a hit on one of the big veins there--blood started pouring out and my husband freaked. It was just one little hole, though, pressure took care of it until I could get a bandage on. I wonder how many experience points I'm worth? The cat went up a level, I bet.

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