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I couldn't stand not posting it, though I suspect I'll want to tweak it some more. But we're leaving for Pennsic on Friday morning, so I'm gonna be pretty much offline for the next week. Tweaking would have to be done after work tomorrow night (unlikely, since I mostly HAVEN'T PACKED YET) or when I get back. No computers in the Middle Ages, yo. We are staying in a hotel in Kentucky Friday night (we're driving this time) so if some horrible mistake suddenly registers as we drive through Middle America, I have a last chance to fix it before I land in another fandom. (SCA is a fandom, yes? It's certainly geeky enough.) Will take lots of pictures, promise.

Hope the chapter satisfies in the short run. Next chapter should be fun to write, so hopefully will go swiftly once I'm back to the current century.
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 I was an idiot last night and stayed up until 1:30. That means I'm fighting to maintain consciousness while working on compiling a policy statement, not exactly the most thrilling thing to be thinking about at 10am Monday morning. Thank god my husband dropped off a cafe con leche for me from the new coffee shop down the street. Yay Cuban coffee!!

The upside is that I finished the draft of Chapter 21 last night. Yay!!!  
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I just got the beta of Okaeri - Chapter 20 back from SoutasSister tonight, and I'm done tweaking it. At least for now, I'm slow enough as it is. We're using GoogleDocs, which I think is working out very well--you can use it to collaborate on documents without having to email attachments back and forth, it's very convenient.

The next chapter is outlined and very clear in my head--too bad I won't have time to work on it until sometime next week. Going out of town to see my brother and his family this weekend. Hope I don't go nuts and/or strangle them all before the weekend's out. (You know how it is. I love them but they make me crazy. Good thing it's only a weekend.)

Enjoy the chapter. ^_^

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