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SS gave it her stamp of approval, so up it went. ^_^  Hope you all like it.

I have to work tomorrow, which annoys me. Good thing is that I get to take off Monday. Maybe I'll read one of those books on my list that I keep intending to start. Or maybe I'll work on chapter 22. Or maybe I'll go through some of the fics on [profile] jrmaxwell's mega project page so I can remember which ones I've read. Can't wait for the weekend to start!


Aug. 20th, 2007 09:03 pm
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You know, the next time we go on a trip I really should force my husband somehow to bolster his immune system. Airborne usually works wonders for me. I came home perfectly healthy from Pennsic, even with all the rain and wet, and plane travel and close quarters and all that. He was sick by Wednesday, and stayed sick. Breathing the same air as him, of course I came down with it and was sick all weekend and today. And it's a gross, mucousy kind of illness. I say again, Bleh.

The silver lining, of course, is that while I certainly didn't feel up to going to work today, I was well up to sitting in bed with my laptop, writing. I finished a draft of Okaeri 19 and part of 20, yay!

I'm quitting for the night, since I need sleep and I do have to go to work tomorrow to attend some stupid workshop. Hope this ick doesn't take all week to evaporate.
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So, I was quite surprised to find in my inbox an email informing me that I had won 2nd place for Best Romance Inu/Kag in the first quarter. And there was a link to a banner, too:

That was pretty cool. I had completely forgotten about the 1st quarter already. So I stick it up here, because what else am I going to do with a banner? (And I don't mean to denigrate banners. I think mine is quite shiny! I really appreciate the work that goes into making them.)

Unfortunately, the next chapter is stuck. I wrote a big chunk of it, but I'm unhappy with the way it's turning out, and I was trying to tweak it into compliance without rewriting the whole thing. I've taken stabs at it here and there, but I've been distracted by personal problems, this trip I'm getting ready for, and the demands of my job. I think it's going to take a rewrite, and hopefully I can get my mind into that space. I have hopes for this weekend, even though it's Potterdammerung.

(Speaking of which, my library is getting 75 copies, and I'm number 12 on the reserve queue. Guess what I'm picking up Saturday!)

Maybe I can restrain myself long enough to read HP after the weekend. I could just read the ending; at this point I just want to see if the book somebody posted online is the real deal, or a red herring. ^_^ I'm sure if I go on the internet I'll find out what happened anyway.
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I got three hours of sleep last night, which I really can't totally blame on the time change but I'm going to anyway. It makes a better story than 'I stared at the ceiling for hours and fell asleep right before the alarm went off.' So now I'm tired and have a headache, but I've got all this crap I have to do, but I'm going to bed anyway. My husband and I are going out of town Wednesday and I still haven't packed. I'll have to do it tomorrow after work. He's taking the day off tomorrow to pack the car with all our other stuff, I just have to remember my clothes and incidentals. And that it will be fun! I just have to get through the day. We're going on our annual pilgrimage to Sebring for the 12-hour sportscar race, the one he's gone to every year since he was a kid so God forbid he ever miss one. At least we're renting a camper and not sleeping in a tent like we did the first few years I went.

The IYFG banners came out today and they're all pretty.
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Anyway, it'll be good to get out of town and be on the road. Helps with inspiration sometimes, and there are some crow people who require my attention in the next chapter.
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I got a bit of work done on Okaeri this weekend, which was nice. (Winning a fanguild award didn't hurt either!) I wasn't feeling well this morning and stayed home and slept, and felt better this afternoon. So I finished up what I had and it's up. Enjoy!

ETA: Sorry to everybody who just got slammed with a million MediaMiner alerts. I was trying to fix a problem that was invisible in Word, but strangely enough very visible in MM. I'm off to reupload in
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I'm already done picking at it. Figured I'd put it up, and if I suddenly realize there's a massive error I can (hopefully) fix it later. But it's a pretty straightforward chapter.



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