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not really spoilerish )

Edit: there are definitely spoilers in the comments, beware.

And in other news, I finally received my garb I'll be wearing to Pennsic. (Thankfully Missy didn't make me any pink outfits; she did make one orange, but I think I can rock that.) Overall I'm quite pleased with her efforts! She even made me a cloak (black, with an awesome long hood), perhaps in compensation because it took her a lot longer to make the clothes than she had originally said. I think we're pretty much set to spend a week being medieval. ^_^ Two weeks before we leave!
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So, I was quite surprised to find in my inbox an email informing me that I had won 2nd place for Best Romance Inu/Kag in the first quarter. And there was a link to a banner, too:

That was pretty cool. I had completely forgotten about the 1st quarter already. So I stick it up here, because what else am I going to do with a banner? (And I don't mean to denigrate banners. I think mine is quite shiny! I really appreciate the work that goes into making them.)

Unfortunately, the next chapter is stuck. I wrote a big chunk of it, but I'm unhappy with the way it's turning out, and I was trying to tweak it into compliance without rewriting the whole thing. I've taken stabs at it here and there, but I've been distracted by personal problems, this trip I'm getting ready for, and the demands of my job. I think it's going to take a rewrite, and hopefully I can get my mind into that space. I have hopes for this weekend, even though it's Potterdammerung.

(Speaking of which, my library is getting 75 copies, and I'm number 12 on the reserve queue. Guess what I'm picking up Saturday!)

Maybe I can restrain myself long enough to read HP after the weekend. I could just read the ending; at this point I just want to see if the book somebody posted online is the real deal, or a red herring. ^_^ I'm sure if I go on the internet I'll find out what happened anyway.

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