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Wow. What a great week I just had. Pennsic was an incredible experience, not without problems, but still a lot of fun.

Okay, what was bad about it: my feet hurt. Flying there sucked. Flying back sucked, because we got diverted to Jacksonville for a while by weather before getting to go home. I got stung by a bee on my last day there. It rained. It was hot. It was 100% humidity, and the air didn't dry until Friday. And yet, this didn't bother us! Sure, it would have been nice if every day dawned like yesterday, clear and beautiful, but we still had a great time hanging out in people's tents, talking, watching people go by. Taking a shower in the rain was pretty cool, too. ^_^

What was good about it: everything else!!!!

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We're going to be officially joining SCA and going to events locally, but I can't wait until next year! And next year, we will be driving. ^_^

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not really spoilerish )

Edit: there are definitely spoilers in the comments, beware.

And in other news, I finally received my garb I'll be wearing to Pennsic. (Thankfully Missy didn't make me any pink outfits; she did make one orange, but I think I can rock that.) Overall I'm quite pleased with her efforts! She even made me a cloak (black, with an awesome long hood), perhaps in compensation because it took her a lot longer to make the clothes than she had originally said. I think we're pretty much set to spend a week being medieval. ^_^ Two weeks before we leave!


May. 22nd, 2007 11:14 am
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Been a busy week for me. At the end of it I went to Gainesville for the weekend to meet up with my friend's daughter, who is making garb for me for our trip to Pennsic, the big medieval reenactment thing I'm going to this August. She made one outfit (a long undertunic and a shorter overtunic) to use as a pattern for the rest of the clothes--she's making me a week's worth. My husband initially questioned whether I actually needed a week's worth of clothes...wear some a couple of times, he says. Sorry, but I'm not THAT into being historically authentic. Not in August. It's two layers, even if they're thin!

So those should be ready in a couple of weeks. As for the rest of the weekend, my friend had more people staying over in addition to us--it was a big get-together, and we were surrounded by lots of little kids and chaos, it was great. We went blueberry picking Sunday morning, and brought home 7 pounds. A lot of the berries were still green, so I feel lucky to have gotten that much.

I'll post later about the Heroes finale--I'm stealing time here.

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