Aug. 10th, 2008 11:37 pm
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We're back from Pennsic. God am I tired. We drove all day yesterday and today; the trip back home was not as bad as the trip up (we hit Atlanta at rush hour on the way up Friday before last--it took us TWO HOURS just to get through) and even Knoxville wasn't as bad. (James, what's up with that I-40/I-75 detour crap? It only seems to be northbound.)

We had an amazing time, even more fun than last year because we did stuff instead of just wandering around goggling. I will try to get some pics up tomorrow.
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I couldn't stand not posting it, though I suspect I'll want to tweak it some more. But we're leaving for Pennsic on Friday morning, so I'm gonna be pretty much offline for the next week. Tweaking would have to be done after work tomorrow night (unlikely, since I mostly HAVEN'T PACKED YET) or when I get back. No computers in the Middle Ages, yo. We are staying in a hotel in Kentucky Friday night (we're driving this time) so if some horrible mistake suddenly registers as we drive through Middle America, I have a last chance to fix it before I land in another fandom. (SCA is a fandom, yes? It's certainly geeky enough.) Will take lots of pictures, promise.

Hope the chapter satisfies in the short run. Next chapter should be fun to write, so hopefully will go swiftly once I'm back to the current century.
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I'm actually kind of bummed about the rumor that Inuyasha is going to end in just two chapters. That's not near enough time to wrap everything up, WTH Takahashi? Dozens of story arcs about Tessaiga that took hundreds of chapters to get through, and TWO CHAPTERS to wrap up the whole series??? *is grumpy*

Well, obviously if it's true I won't be finishing up my derivative work before the canon story is over. Though I did make progress today! About 2,000-2,500 words that I'm pretty happy with on the next chapter--I rewrote a good portion of what I had before and added quite a lot. I'm contemplating whether I should make one really long chapter (since I've been such a sluggard on this) or simultaneously release two chapters of the length I'm comfortable with. This would necessitate holding on to the first chap until I'm done with the second. Usually when I'm done with one I want to shove it out the nest right away and be done with it, so maybe doing it that way would force me into more diligence with the second. Certainly, winning a Fanguild award (Best A/A yay!!!!) has lit a fire under my butt, since obviously people are still interested in reading it! Sorry sorry sorry. I just couldn't get into writing for a while. At this stage in the story it's pretty dark (not darkfic dark, just dark for me), and I don't know, I can write that if I'm in a good mood, but am completely turned off by it when I'm already down. I must be doing better. :) Earlier this year I was unhappy about other stuff going on in my life, and then getting doped up after finally having foot surgery did nothing, nothing I tell you, for my creative process. Kids, don't take Vicodin unless you have to, it's really boring. I spent a week at home sleeping, alternated with watching election coverage. That should tell you something.

By the way, while the foot still hurts a bit, I think it's going to be much better. I'm still limping but it beats having that freaking heel spur. I just wish I could have taken more than a week to stay out of work. I struggled with crutches for a couple of weeks and limped around when my hands and arms hurt worse than the foot, but my job still involves way too much standing and walking for comfort. The doc said I should be recovered in about 4 weeks if I stay off the foot, 6-7 weeks if I'm on it. Surgery will be 5 weeks ago on Tuesday...not completely recovered yet. :(

There are no SCA events between now and Pennsic, which means the weekends will be good for writing and won't be hijacked for trips to the 16th century. I mean it's fun and all, but my husband has completely immersed himself in it and will, like, DIE if he misses a tournament. All his hard work has really paid off, though--he came in FOURTH in a Kingdom rapier tournament the other week. This was in a field of 30-35 competitors from all over the state, some of whom are very experienced, and he's only been playing with swords for less than a year. O_O We're going to have an awesome time in August at Pennsic!
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I'm off to an SCA event in Mississippi ("Gulf Wars") and will be gone for a week. Hopefully I will have some nice pictures to post when I come back. I look forward to shopping for medieval wares!

Have a nice week y'all. :)
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I got to shoot arrows at my husband today. He begged me to. *evil grin*

This is the time of year I start feeling like baking...most of the time I avoid baked goods, but during the season I'm tossing that out the window. I came across the following recipe, which I got from here:

Guinness Stout Brownies Recipe


recipe )


I just finished making them. They are YUM. Taking some over to a friend's house where we're going to watch a movie.
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So we went to another SCA event on Saturday. This time it was so local we day-tripped it, which is a good thing because I wouldn't have been able to tolerate sleeping in a tent again. Still too damn hot. It was pretty lively for a small event--the king and queen were there for court, the feast was delicious, and the fighting tournaments were great fun to watch. My husband, in fact, qualified to fight in rapier tournaments on Saturday--not bad for someone who first picked up a sword a month ago--and then proceeded to compete in a tournament!

Pictures! )

I actually bought a bow (a cheapie starter bow) on Friday in the hopes of getting some practice in, but they didn't have an archery range set up. Ah well. I bought a kit for making combat arrows (rubber tips) so once I put them together I can practice in the back yard. Yeah!

Sunday we met my in-laws for brunch (my stepfather-in-law had a birthday recently) and then we went home and I got some writing done on the next chapter, not a whole lot, but some. I'm looking forward to this coming Saturday, when I will hopefully have uninterrupted writing time. First time in what feels like forever that we don't have to go somewhere or do something.
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We went to another SCA event this weekend. Thankfully it was in-state this time, and didn't involve flying. The event was Coronation, and it was held at a campground in Ocala. It was hot, and muggy, and rainy--just like Pennsic! The scale was a lot smaller, though; about 500 people, as opposed to 11,000. We had an excellent time in spite of the weather, made new friends, and reconnected with other acquaintances.

My husband expressed interest in getting into fighting, and was encouraged to show up for rapier fighting practice when we got back home. Well, he went off this evening for 'unofficial' practice and came back exhilarated about the whole thing. I guess we'd better start pricing equipment. :) I myself used a bow and arrows this weekend for the first time since I was 14, and didn't do too bad! (Other than the massive bruises on my forearm from the bowstring. Live and learn.) I'll be going this Sunday to 'official' practice down at FSU with hubby, and it's been hinted that there will be archery equipment available.

Yup, assimilated. Resistance is futile.

So, the results of that demon test that's been going around. I knew I was pretty chaotic.

Your Score: Ryu

You scored 12 in Malice and 29 in Chaos!

Japanese dragons, or "Ryu," are very different from their Western counterparts; where the Western dragon is typically reptilian, with a heart as cold as its blood, the dragons of the Orient actually tend to err more on the side of beneficence. This should not, however, be construed as a license to treat them with disrespect; Oriental dragons are extremely powerful beings who do not tolerate impudence.

Ryu, like the dragons of the West, are known to have a fondness for shiny objects and treasure. Some Ryu are willing to part with their treasures if they deem a mortal worthy of inheriting it. Other dragons may also, like gods, grant wishes and supernatural powers to those who seek them.

At the same time, one must be wary when dealing with dragons; some may be extremely temperamental, and others even harbor a hatred for mankind and its desecration of the earth. Most dragons are by no means evil, but must still be treated with extreme caution.

Link: The Japanese Demon Profile Test written by Maharbal on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

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