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Wow. What a great week I just had. Pennsic was an incredible experience, not without problems, but still a lot of fun.

Okay, what was bad about it: my feet hurt. Flying there sucked. Flying back sucked, because we got diverted to Jacksonville for a while by weather before getting to go home. I got stung by a bee on my last day there. It rained. It was hot. It was 100% humidity, and the air didn't dry until Friday. And yet, this didn't bother us! Sure, it would have been nice if every day dawned like yesterday, clear and beautiful, but we still had a great time hanging out in people's tents, talking, watching people go by. Taking a shower in the rain was pretty cool, too. ^_^

What was good about it: everything else!!!!

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We're going to be officially joining SCA and going to events locally, but I can't wait until next year! And next year, we will be driving. ^_^

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I got three hours of sleep last night, which I really can't totally blame on the time change but I'm going to anyway. It makes a better story than 'I stared at the ceiling for hours and fell asleep right before the alarm went off.' So now I'm tired and have a headache, but I've got all this crap I have to do, but I'm going to bed anyway. My husband and I are going out of town Wednesday and I still haven't packed. I'll have to do it tomorrow after work. He's taking the day off tomorrow to pack the car with all our other stuff, I just have to remember my clothes and incidentals. And that it will be fun! I just have to get through the day. We're going on our annual pilgrimage to Sebring for the 12-hour sportscar race, the one he's gone to every year since he was a kid so God forbid he ever miss one. At least we're renting a camper and not sleeping in a tent like we did the first few years I went.

The IYFG banners came out today and they're all pretty.
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Anyway, it'll be good to get out of town and be on the road. Helps with inspiration sometimes, and there are some crow people who require my attention in the next chapter.

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