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My husband and I went to that law library conference in Baton Rouge--left Thursday, came back last night. The conference itself was okay; I went to a couple of interesting panels, and they had a guy come in on Saturday at breakfast to talk about the music industry and then we got to hear Larry Garner (blues musician) play for us. He was great. :)

The conference organizers did have some deficiencies, notably: the food was conference food, thus disappointing. I was expecting something fabulous, which I now realize was naive--it's a conference. The hotel was interesting; it was right on the river, and had a glassed-in atrium that appeared to incorporate old buildings. We got to play some slots on the riverboat steps away from the hotel; a new experience, but I didn't win anything other than a few free plays. We walked down to the state capitol on Friday afternoon, and checked out the amazing art deco exterior and the giant statue/monument/headstone to Huey Long, who's buried out there. I really wanted to check out the bullet holes where he got shot inside the capitol, but we got there too late, and it was closed. :(

But the BEST thing about this weekend was that I got to meet [profile] soutassister! She met us at the hotel and took us out to lunch, and we had a great time talking about Inuyasha, fanfic, fandom and all kinds of things--which was so awesome. SS, you rock!! :)

I wish we had more time to spend out there, but we had to go. As it turned out, my husband's boss had a terrible time flying in (her flight was canceled and she didn't reach Baton Rouge until 2am Friday morning) so she really didn't want to try flying out. She came back with us. I'm sure sleeping in the back seat of a small car was still preferable to cattle-car airlines, oops, I mean Delta. Plus we drove through the tail end of that nasty weather system, I can't imagine how backed up the airports were. We got in pretty late last night, and I felt out of it all day--bad headache. It's mostly gone now, fortunately. Maybe it's the weather, because it's still really windy out there. Hope it blows itself out soon, this is freaky for April.

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